Commercial Epoxy Flooring

In a commercial facility, the flooring has to be able to withstand some pretty harsh conditions such as heavy foot traffic, impact from heavy objects and harsh chemicals. Not all flooring can last very long in this environment, but our commercial epoxy flooring has made a name for itself in these conditions. We are proud to say that we can and will bring our superior flooring material to all industries in the Tulsa Oklahoma area.
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Industries That Trust Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We offer some of the lowest costs for our neighbors in Tulsa for our commercial epoxy floor coatings. Many industries have already made the leap into commercial epoxy flooring such as:
  • Automotive garages and showrooms
  • Retail storefronts and grocery stores
  • Kitchens are one of the most prone areas for spillage and dropped items
  • Warehouses and distribution facilities
  • Aircraft hangars and airports
  • City facilities such as schools, police stations, libraries, and even government offices
  • Medicinal facilities such as doctors offices, operating rooms, and veterinarian clinics.
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The Benefits Of Installing Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy floor coatings bring many great benefits that other traditional flooring just isn’t able to compete with. Commercial epoxy flooring can do much more than just remodel the look of your facility, it offers protection for the concrete slab that is vital to your operation. We can even offer specialized types of commercial epoxy flooring for any areas that may require special types of protection. With an affordable price tag and fast installation times, many commercial facilities have already made the switch and are currently enjoying all of the benefits that come with it.
Below are only a few of the benefits you may enjoy when you make the switch to a commercial epoxy floor coating!
commercial epoxy floor coating
Safer Work Environment
A commercial epoxy floor coating is a great way to maintain a safe work environment. A commercial epoxy flooring is a seamless surface and resists cracking so you won’t have to deal with any type of tripping hazards protruding from your flooring. Commercial epoxy flooring is also specially formulated to maintain a highly reflective top layer which reflects light when using light colors. This reflected light will make the work area brighter without the use of any additional lighting, making your area safer while saving you money!
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Easy To Clean And Maintain
When a floor is hard to maintain, you lose man-hours on floor maintenance that should be used on actual work in your commercial facility. Commercial epoxy flooring is a worry-free flooring solution that doesn’t require any type of waxing or polishes to maintain a clean and sleek appearance. All that is required for a lightly soiled area is a simple removal of debris with either a soft bristle broom or dust mop followed by a traditional mop. For a more soiled floor, sweep and use a hose and stiff bristle brush to lift any pesky stains!
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Damage Resistant
It is critical that the flooring in a commercial facility be durable enough to withstand impact from heavy objects as well as traffic from workers and forklifts on a daily basis without showing signs of damage. A damaged floor in a commercial facility can cause major problems and sometimes even shut down. With a commercial epoxy floor coating in Tulsa, you won’t ever have to worry about your flooring becoming damaged as the epoxy coating can make your concrete up to 300 percent stronger and last up to 3 times longer than traditional concrete!
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Long Lifetime
Through the years there has been a common misconception that commercial epoxy flooring won’t last very long in a harsh environment. This comes from companies not using correct methods during the prep stage or just using low-quality materials. We only use the highest grade materials on the market for our clients in commercial settings. Our commercial epoxy floor contractors have decades of combined experience so you can rest assured your flooring is being properly installed, and when properly installed your flooring will last up to 20 years and in some cases even longer!
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Seamless Flooring
The guidelines for flooring in many commercial facilities can be very strict, especially facilities that handle food and beverages. Our commercial epoxy floor coatings have been approved by the USDA for these exact facilities for the seamless and solid design. With a seamless flooring in a facility such as a hospital, the bacteria or viruses that may be found in this area have no place on the floor to hide and reproduce, making commercial epoxy flooring one of the most hygienic surfaces available on the market.
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Flooring For Any Scenario
We understand that commercial facilities have many different uses for flooring and may require a special type of protection from certain factors. Our commercial epoxy floor coatings can be modified to withstand any type of special environment that may be required, from a static electricity guard in a server room that needs protection from surges to an epoxy that can withstand subzero temperatures in a refrigeration or freezer room. No matter the special circumstances your commercial facility has, our commercial epoxy flooring can be the solution you require!
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Custom Design
Just because our commercial epoxy flooring can withstand harsh environments and brutal punishment doesn’t mean that it has to be bland and ugly. Our commercial epoxy flooring can be installed with any color you desire colored flakes and even metallic pigments. Our commercial epoxy floor contractors can even implement the use of special designs to create forklift roads and barriers for pedestrian and worker foot traffic. No other flooring on the market can be as beautiful or keep your workers as safe as a commercial epoxy floor coating.Visit the homepage to see more about your epoxy flooring options and other flooring solutions that are customizable
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Extreme Chemical Resistance
Many commercial industries need flooring that can withstand harsh chemicals that are being transported in a warehouse or used for cleaning in a hospital. Not many flooring can resist these chemicals as a commercial epoxy floor coating can. Not only will our commercial epoxy floor coating withstand these chemicals, but it will also isolate them on the surface for easy cleanup and the best part is that the chemicals will not be able to stain the surface. No other flooring can withstand chemical spills like commercial epoxy flooring can, so why put your concrete at risk. Make the switch today!