Commercial, industrial and residential flooring all have one thing in common, the endless possibilities with a concrete coating. We ask a lot out of our flooring. We bombard it with harsh chemicals, drop things on it and ages the worst from all of the traffic it endures. Not all flooring can keep up with these immense demands, well not like a concrete coating can.
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Concrete coating systems are cost-effective, durable and safe for many different purposes. We install concrete coatings for homeowners, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.
  • Factories as coatings such as epoxies can resist damage and staining
  • Educational facilities as many coatings are easy to clean and maintain
  • Medical facilities use coatings for the coatings seamless designs making the flooring perfect for a hygienic environment
  • Homeowners use coatings such as overlays and epoxies to modernize a flooring system as well for the durability
  • Auto shops and home garages for their anti-staining properties
  • Business fronts use concrete coatings to make their storefront more attractive and durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic
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Concrete floor coating systems aren’t just for the industrial setting, they can be placed anywhere that has concrete or that concrete can be placed. As well as being a beautiful material, it also offers some of the best protection floorings can provide for your concrete. No matter the needs for your home or business property, you can choose from an unfathomable selection such as epoxies, overlays, and resurfacing techniques. Below are some of the most popular applications of concrete floor coatings and their characteristics that will benefit your home, commercial or industrial setting.
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Epoxy flooring systems in Tulsa offer the best protection for many fields as they resist harsh cleaning methods, oil stains and are solid enough to protect from impact. While being of one of the strongest flooring systems, no two floors will look the same. All flooring will be unique with your color choices and our epoxy flooring contractors experience, your product will be a true masterpiece.
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Concrete overlays are specially formulated to fit into a few different uses. While it can be used to fix any underlying problems your concrete slab may have, it can also be used to bring a one of a kind look to a boring surface. A concrete overlay can also correct drainage problems and improve skid resistance making it perfect for industrial, commercial and residential settings.
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Your concrete can be resurfaced no matter where it is. If your concrete is showing signs of cracking or surface deterioration, a simple concrete resurfacing will fix your problems as long as they are not structural. While being the most cost-effective option it is not the worst. Think of it like a base coat or even a final coat as it looks nice and uniform without any additional coatings. But if desired another coating may be applied right over the top.
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A spotless floor is critical for any industrial setting or business front.Cleanliness is critical in medicinal services offices and in culinary establishments. This is the reason epoxy is the best decision for operating rooms, rehab facilities, restaurants, washrooms, and schools. Our epoxy arrangements are USDA-approved. These floors can likewise withstand unforgiving disinfectants and rough cleaners utilized in medicinal services facilities. This is why business owners in Tulsa trust our product.
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There are many specially formulated types of concrete coatings available. Depending on what you plan on uses a coating for, we have a special flooring system for you. Anti-static epoxy can be used to protect electronics in machines to electronics that you can find in a media room. There are also flooring systems capable of withstanding constant traffic from forklifts. We know no matter if your a homeowner or a business owner we will help you find the perfect flooring system to fit your needs.
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Just because a concrete coating can fix any underlying problems with your slab as well as protect doesn’t mean that it has to be a bland color. With any of our concrete coatings, we can take a design straight from your imagination and make it a reality. With endless custom colors and designs, your concrete coating will be one of a kind. If you desire even more personalization, we can place a logo or text in the coating itself.
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A flooring system that can last years, looks gorgeous and is super durable must be hard to maintain right? Well, it isn’t. Concrete flooring doesn’t require any form of waxes or polishes to maintain its like-new appearance. All you’ll need is a soft bristle broom and a mop!
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One of the benefits of choosing a concrete coating is the fact that if you choose a lighter color it will actually amplify the lighting in a room without the use of extra lighting. Lighter rooms will appear to be more inviting and warm. it can also improve visibility making it easier to spot items on the floor.