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18 07, 2019

Embracing Concrete With Customization


Embracing Concrete With Customization Are you looking for your next flooring system for your home but feel a bit underwhelmed by all of the traditional flooring systems on the market? Well, maybe you haven't been looking for the right material. Tile, hardwood, and carpet have reached their peak and we haven't seen any innovation with these flooring systems in at least the past decade. A flooring system that has been seeing innovation in the past decade, however, is concrete. We know what comes to mind when you hear concrete, bland, gray and dusty concrete that you find [...]

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16 07, 2019

Top Interior Design Trends


Top Interior Design Trends Now that we are almost halfway through 2019, we can finally get a glimpse of what the top interior designers are using in their homes. With that being said, one of the biggest interior design trends of 2019; and probably for the future, is ditching the boring and aged traditional flooring systems such as tile, hardwood, and carpet. In turn, interior designers are turning to more modern flooring solutions that won't only increase the appealing aesthetic of your home, but help you save a couple of bucks when looking for a new flooring [...]

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14 07, 2019

4 Reasons To Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring


4 Reasons To Consider Metallic Epoxy Flooring Are you thinking about an epoxy flooring system for your home, garage or commercial business? Well, chances are when you think of epoxy flooring you are thinking about the bland, gray and overall boring flooring system that you have seen in the past. But, if you are looking for a modern and aesthetic epoxy floor coating, you have to know all about the shimmering metallic epoxy flooring system. With a metallic epoxy, you can set your home or business apart from the rest. Want to know all there is about [...]

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12 07, 2019

Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm


Increase Your Homes Value With Rustic Charm Are you looking into the different types of traditional hardwood flooring? Well, if you are doing your research, you will find that the disadvantages of using traditional wood flooring drastically outweigh the advantages of the flooring system. So, how can you get the timeless and elegant look of wood without having to deal with the disadvantages of traditional wood flooring? Well, we have found a way! With a rustic wood flooring system, you can have the look of wood that you know and love. We don't mean using old wood [...]

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10 07, 2019

The Various Types Of Epoxy Flooring Systems


The Various Types Of Epoxy Flooring Systems When we take a look back a few decades, we will find that epoxy flooring was not a popular or even desirable flooring solution as it didn't have many variations for different settings that other floorings were being used. This led to epoxy being overpriced and while only being used in demanding industrial and commercial settings. But with the recent innovations in epoxy flooring, we are seeing that the flooring is used more and more every year! So today, we are going to go through a few of the epoxy [...]

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8 07, 2019

Tips for Choosing an Epoxy Contractor


Tips for Choosing The Best Epoxy Contractor It can be a real struggle trying to find the right people for any job, let alone when looking for a contractor for something specialized like epoxy flooring. The last thing any of us wants is to make the wrong choice and wind up with a subpar and failing floor and money down the drain as a result of a poorly performed job. Having a new epoxy floor installed is a big commitment, of both time and money, so a lot of thought and consideration should go into finding [...]

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6 07, 2019

Decorative Concrete Driveway


6 Decorative Concrete Driveway Options to Improve Your Curb Appeal When looking to install or replace a concrete driveway, there's many great decorative options available to help boost the curb appeal of your home. Ahead, we'll delve into six beautiful options to take your driveway to another level and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Install a Stamped Overlay An incredibly popular way to add decoration and increase the aesthetic appeal of concrete is to have the concrete stamped. The stamped concrete process entails the imprinting [...]

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4 07, 2019

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing


Decorative Concrete Resurfacing: Rethink Your Boring Concrete Don’t make the assumption that concrete has been going out of style; you’re probably seeing concrete more often than you think, you just don’t know it thanks to a range of decorative concrete options that make it look like a high-end material. When most think of concrete, they tend to think of boring gray slabs without much to offer. Thanks to concrete resurfacing and all the decorative possibilities it entails, not only are these boring concrete slabs a thing of the past, but also too is the cost associated with [...]

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1 07, 2019

How Epoxy Floors Are Transforming Interior Design


How Epoxy Floors Are Transforming Interior Design Gone are the days when epoxy floors were relegated to hospitals, warehouses, and commercial facilities. Today, epoxy is part of a growing interior design trend thanks to its surface that isn't just beautiful -- it's also incredibly durable. Epoxy flooring cures waterproof, seamless, incredibly tough, and it's customizable in endless ways. It's no surprise that a growing number of Oklahoma homes are featuring bright, stunning epoxy in main living areas as well as garages. Curious what's really driving the epoxy flooring trend? Here's why it's one of the leading new [...]

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