Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems

Our team understands how strict the guidelines that flooring in industrial facilities must follow. Your flooring must be able to withstand traffic from forklifts without showing signs of wear and tear, resist damage from harsh chemicals and provide a seamless surface to allow production to stay high constantly. We believe that our industrial epoxy flooring can be the flooring solution you need. Allow us to tell you why.
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Preparation For Industrial Grade Epoxy

Like all flooring, it all starts with the preparation of the concrete slab that the industrial epoxy flooring will be placed on. Our industrial epoxy floor coating contractors have decades of combined experience with this process so you can have peace of mind knowing that your floor will be installed correctly. It begins with a process of filling all cracks with a material that won’t allow cracks to grow or show in the final coat of epoxy. After this material is dry, the next process is a pass of diamond wheel grinding to open the pores in the concrete or a shot blasting process to profile the concrete. This allows for the epoxy to form a superior bond to the concrete slab so it won’t lift or waver from heavy objects or traffic. Next comes a coating of epoxy primer that strengthens the bond between the base coat of epoxy and the concrete even further. Depending on the type of industrial epoxy floor coating you choose, there will be multiple base coats and top coat that acts as a sealer for your industrial epoxy floor coating. This process has been proven to make your epoxy last for up to 20 years!
Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

The Benefits Of Using Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

While industrial epoxy flooring is a great way to strengthen your concrete slab, that isn’t all it is good for. Industrial strength epoxy flooring has many other great features that are sure to benefit your facility. Industrial epoxy flooring offers great ways to make maintenance a breeze, modernize your facility and maintain a safe and productive work environment. Not only does industrial epoxy floor coatings make your facility a stunning and safe workplace, but it also can also save you money with an excellent lifetime and low-cost install. Below is a more in-depth look at the benefits your facility can gain by making the switch to an industrial epoxy floor coating.
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Endless Design Options
Just because our industrial epoxy flooring is durable, stain resistant, and able to last for decades doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly or boring. We believe that our industrial epoxy flooring is an art form that can use different colors, flakes and stunning metallic pigments to transform your surface without giving up performance. We can even design your industrial epoxy floor coating to create a traffic line for your forklifts and create barriers and walkways for your workers, creating a safe and productive work environment.
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Superior Durability
Industrial epoxy flooring offers a flooring system that can withstand damage better than any traditional concrete floor covering that is available on the market. This is because the resin is modified with hardeners to create a surface that is near impenetrable so even impact from heavy objects or constant traffic from heavy vehicles such as forklifts and even aircraft won’t chip or crack the epoxy. Not only is the industrial epoxy flooring strong, but it also makes the actual concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last typically 2 to 3 times longer than if it was bare concrete.
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Resistance To Harsh Chemicals
A bare concrete slab that is exposed to the harsh chemicals that may be present can cause serious structural and environmental damage to your facility. Bare concrete is an extremely porous surface and will absorb any liquid it is exposed to. When this happens it will break down your concrete and even leak into the ground underneath causing serious environmental issues. When using an industrial epoxy floor coating, the epoxy will act as a barrier and isolate all liquids on the surface. This will make for easy clean up as well as protect your concrete from serious damage.
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Superior Lifetime
Industrial strength epoxy flooring can withstand the harsh environment of an industrial facility longer than any other type of traditional concrete floor covering. This is because the superior bond that is formed with the concrete slab paired with the high-grade materials we use for all of our clients. The misconception of epoxy lasting a few years comes from the improper preparation and low-grade materials that are used in the DIY kit you can buy at the local hardware store. Leave your project to our industrial epoxy floor coating contractors and enjoy your flooring for decades to come.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Systems
Brightens An Area
Industrial epoxy floor coatings offer a special feature that not many traditional floor coatings offer. The top layer of epoxy acts as an extremely durable coating but also is an extremely reflective surface. This makes an area that industrial epoxy flooring is placed even brighter; depending on how bright of a color you choose it can be very bright, all without the use of extra lighting fixtures. Not only does this provide an extra safety feature, but it will also save you money on your electricity bill!
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Seamless And Safe
Industrial facilities are adamant on flooring that will maintain a safe and hygienic area. With industrial epoxy flooring, your flooring will be a seamless and solid surface that will have no edges or lips that may cause a tripping hazard in a work environment. Since this flooring solution has a seamless surface, it is also a very hygienic flooring system. Hospitals use industrial epoxy floor coatings for this exact reason; since there are no cracks or areas for bacteria or viruses to hide a reproduce.
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Formulated For You
No matter what your facility is used for, we have an industrial epoxy floor coating that will fulfill your needs and then some. We can modify our coating systems to withstand subzero temperatures so it can be used in freezer units. We can even modify our industrial strength epoxy floor coating to withstand static electricity discharges for use in facilities that house sensitive electronics like a server. No matter what you need from your flooring, we can guarantee that we have a solution for you that won’t waver under stress. Epoxy Tulsa has many flooring options to suit every need imaginable, see the homepage to discover the perfect flooring for you.