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Sometimes your concrete starts showing its age in the worst ways possible: stains, cracks, peeling, abrasions, etc.… So, what do you do? You need to give us a call today. Our Tulsa team is one of the most talented and dedicated groups around. With our experienced and licensed contractors, your floors will be brought back to their youthful years.
Your concrete will be polished into a shiny and resilient flooring system that will ensure you are hassle-free. Concrete polishing is one of the most unique ways to restore your flooring and it is simple. Just give us a call for a free quote today!
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Who Do We Serve?

Residential, commercial, and industrial settings are all serviced by our Tulsa concrete polishing experts. Below are some of the business settings and areas where our concrete polishing professionals can assist:
  • Processing plants
  • Production floors
  • Stores and retail facilities
  • Hotels
  • Lobbies
  • Schools
  • Showrooms
  • Homes
These are only some of the facilities and businesses that are switching to polished concrete. So, to know for sure about your concrete, give our professionals a quick call.
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Tulsa Professional Concrete Polishing

When you hire a professional concrete polishing company you are ensuring the many benefits offered by a concrete polished flooring system are yours. When done correctly the advantages offered by a polished concrete floor range from environmentally friendly too aesthetically pleasing surfaces. These floors are affordable and quickly installed. Furthermore, although not limited to these, you will find the numerous benefits offered by polished concrete below:
Concrete Polishing Contractors
Healthier Spaces
Polished concrete helps to eliminate the amount of dust that is pushed around in an enclosed area. If your polished concrete is in an area where allergies or cleanliness is an issue, then you need to consider getting your concrete polished by one of our professionals. When properly installed, concrete polished floors keep dust to a minimum and because the debris that is deposited is kept on the surface, it is easily taken care of.
Residential Polished Concrete Floors
When compared to polished concrete, any other flooring system requires aggressive cleaning habits to maintain its shine; however, with concrete polished flooring that is never an issue. With a surface that is so tightly installed, you never have to worry about oils and substances penetrating the concrete’s surface, allowing you simply sweep or mop up any mess, quickly and easily.
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Restoring the Old
Concrete, like anything else, comes to its breaking point. After years of wear and tear, whether water, poorly installed coatings, cracks, sunken surfaces, and so on, have damaged it you may think you’re in for a completely new slab. When you choose to polish your existing concrete, you are reducing labor and material costs. This allows for a cleaner and quick installation, while allowing your old concrete to be newly strengthened and restored.
Concrete Resurfacing
Polished concrete flooring is strong enough to reject any chemicals, oil, and damaging substances from accessing the subfloor. This is important because, concrete is naturally a very porous and accepting surface, so when it is polished correctly, damaging substances never have the chance to harm your floors.
Sealed Concrete
Visibility in any home or facility is crucial for the ins and outs of everyday tasks. Ensuring that your customers, employees, or visitors are in good lighting is an easy fix with polished concrete flooring. Not only will the people who enter your area be able to see clearly but the reflective property of a successfully installed polished concrete will decrease your power bill. Not only that, but a well-lit room is a beautiful room, and your flooring system has an enormous role in how bright the room actually appears.
Concrete Grinding and polishing
Slip-Resistance and Safety
Before beauty and benefits, safety is first, because if your employees, customers, or clients aren’t safe, your floors won’t be used or seen. This is why our professionals offer you the decision to increase the friction on your polished concrete floor. Even if you are installing interior polished floors, industrial polished floors, residential polished floors, or commercial polished floors, is not an issue for our company. Hazards can be reduced with concrete polished floors.
Epoxy Industrial Flooring
Whether you’re in need of an industrial garage concrete polish or a residential garage concrete polish, your tires will thank you and so will your floors. On any other flooring system, tire and skid marks tend to stay once they’ve occured. They can be removed once it is time to fix or remove your flooring. When you choose to polish your concrete no such problem exists because a simple sweep or mop can take care of those marks quickly.
Rough and uneven surfaces wear on your tires quickly which then forces you to spend more money on repairs and replacements for machinery and vehicles. Getting your concrete professionally polished smooths out your concrete’s service by becoming flexible and forgiving on tires.
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Beauty and strength don’t have to cost you much when you choose us. When you choose to have your concrete floor polished, you are easily saving thousands of dollars when compared to new concrete installation or new flooring altogether. Due to the simple fact that you are restoring what is already there, to begin with you are saving yourself manual labor costs and new material costs. Polishing your concrete floor is the best way to achieve beauty and strength at a low price. Discover more affordable flooring options for your home or business by visiting the homepage !