Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy garage floor coatings have become the easiest and most popular options for residential and commercial spaces because of the many benefits they offer. A professionally installed epoxy garage floor coating will last over 20 years and resist wear and tear that naturally occurs with old age.

As the leading epoxy flooring company in the Tulsa area, we pride ourselves in high-performing floors for low-end prices. Our team has decades of combined experience when it comes to the safety of your property and the budget in your bank, trust the professionals.

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Where else are epoxy floor coatings used?

An epoxy floor coating is utilized in many different areas and industries. Our experienced group of professionals is ready to handle any situation at any given time. If you’re looking for more than just a garage epoxy floor coating, we serve many more different areas:
  • Food processing plants
  • Public Restrooms
  • Galleries
  • Hotels
  • Lobbies
  • Business buildings
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Auto Shops
  • Retail Centers
  • Doctors offices, pharmacies, operating rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Basements
Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Coating

Garages are important additions to our homes and properties because they tend to house expensive items, our cars. An epoxy coated floor is one of the most resistant and long-lasting options you will find. The coating is made up of resin and hardeners that cure with your concrete floors to create a protective boundary between your floors and the outside world, but there is so much more
Garage Floor Epoxy Tulsa
Durability & Strength
Garage floor epoxy coatings are the best flooring option in any Tulsa home because they keep your garage floor from breaking down, scratching, or wearing and tearing. The durability that comes with an epoxy garage floor coating is indisputably one of the best options for your floors. Once an epoxy coating has cured with your concrete it creates an impenetrable surface that will last for decades. This strength is what prevents epoxy floor owners from needing to replace highly used floors on a regular basis.
Garage Epoxy
Water & Moisture
Concrete garage floors are highly susceptible to water damage simply because of where they are. A garage floor is the first place most of our vehicles and shoes come into contact with, therefore, a lot of constant wetness and moisture is exposed to the surface of your floor. A concrete floor is naturally very absorbent and will allow that water to penetrate into its pores; meaning, unprotected concrete is a perfect place for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. Epoxy garage floors block all of those issues from the beginning.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Low Maintenance & Cost-effective
Epoxy garage floors are not easily damaged; therefore, they require very little maintenance. Simple and light sweeping/mopping is all that is encouraged with an epoxy garage floor. As the maintenance is low, so is the budget. An epoxy garage floor coating is incredibly cost-effective seeing as it does not require constant products to maintain its beauty, it does not require large sums of money to install it, and it lasts for decades.
Epoxy Garage Floor Installers
Garage epoxy floor coatings are beautiful to install because they are versatile in use and in design. If you have a specific look for your floors, an epoxy floor coating is a way to go. There are different colors, designs, patterns, and textures that can all suit your wants and needs. An epoxy floor can be installed to take any boring and dull garage and turn it into the envy of the neighborhood. The best way to achieve epoxy beauty is to hire a professional.


Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor
Metallic Epoxy
Epoxy garage floors are undeniably beautiful and best of all, do not contain any harmful chemicals. A metallic epoxy floor is the same way; however, it is the most recent and the most beautiful work of art. When you choose to install a metallic epoxy garage floor coating you are installing a one of a kind piece that can never be duplicated. Metallic epoxy floors can create 3D illusions that mimic water, dirt, or clouds, turning your floors into eye-catching areas. A metallic epoxy is also the strongest and longest lasting floor.
Garage Epoxy Coating
Garages can become wet from melting snow, rain, wet vehicles, or wet shoes and those simple facts can create a hazardous environment for you and your family. An epoxy garage floor coating can be installed to be slip and fire-resistant. Even though these floors have a glass-like finish they have amazing safety features that no other flooring solutions can offer.
Garage Floor Coating Tulsa
Epoxy garage floors are beautifully bright but not in their color. With glossy finishes, epoxy floors reflect any lighting in a garage room, increasing and improving visibility wherever they are installed. Many garages, showrooms, warehouses, and industrial sites install epoxy floors for their ability to brighten up any space they are installed in, thus, improving not only the safety of their friends, families, guests, and customers, but they also brighten the mood when it is brighter.
Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy garage floors are incredibly resistant to many common things that garage floors are constantly exposed too. Garage floors need to be able to resist breaking down, even if the chemicals are or items are rough. For example, an epoxy coated garage floor will not break down if car fluids are a spill on its surface nor will it break on impact. These floors were created to be impact, stain, oil, and chemical resistant to ensure that they last for decades. To discover more of out long lasting flooring solutions take a look at the homepage or call today for more information about garage floor coatings.