Epoxy garage floor coating is becoming the hottest trend for homeowners around the country. Garage epoxy has a long list of benefits that is attracting a lot of attention from homeowners who want new designs in their homes.
Epoxy flooring can take a boring, broken, and stained floor and turn it into a strong, glossy, and resilient surface made to last for decades to come. Are you ready to jump on the trailblazing trend?
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A residential epoxy floor installation here in Tulsa is one of the best flooring solutions in the industry. Epoxy floors are safe, durable, and cost-effective options for many different industries and spaces that handle various amounts of foot-traffic and machinery.
  • Retail garages
  • Power plants
  • Airplane hangers
  • Laundry rooms contain hazardous materials that epoxy can withstand
  • Hospitals are popular places where epoxy is found because of how easy it is to keep clean.
  • Even commercial and residential kitchens are taking on the epoxy look
We serve many different purposes and would love to discuss your needs and options so give us a call today to get started.
Grand Rapids Epoxy Garage Floor Coating


A garage floor epoxy is one of the strongest, resilient, and beautiful floors you can install in your garage. Unlike other flooring systems, epoxy floors offer a variety of different colors, designs, and textures that allow you to design your garage with any vision you have. Garage epoxy floors have unmatched characteristics and at amazing prices.
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Moisture Resistant
Whether it’s the snowy seasons or it’s hot and humid outside, your epoxy floor can handle it, and won’t be damaged by everyday use. Salt, rain, snow, and water are natural elements that can wear floors quickly, forcing you to have to keep up a regime of thorough cleaning or seasonal replacement, however, epoxy floors eliminate all of that hassle. The garage epoxy coating resists any water or salt penetration beyond the surface keeping your concrete safe.
Garage Floor Epoxy Grand Rapids Michigan
When professionally installed by garage epoxy floor contractors, your floors are more durable than any other garage flooring on the market. Why? Because epoxy flooring binds to your concrete creating a layer of separation between your concrete and outside elements that could damage it. By mixing hardeners and resins, you are creating a layer that is resistant to cracks, chipping, abrasions, water and chemical damage, stains, and oil damages. If your garage is showing its age, then an epoxy garage coating is the answer you’re looking for.
Epoxy Flake Garage Floor
When you’re given the choices between strong and pretty, which one do you choose? With epoxy floors, it doesn’t matter because you don’t have to choose. Not only are your floors incredibly durable, but they are also extremely elegant and beautiful. Having the opportunity to design your floors with any pattern, design, texture, or layout that you want without sacrificing the quality of your floors is amazing and we love to offer those services. With a glossy finish and durable surface, you can’t go wrong with an epoxy garage.
Garage Floor Repair Epoxy
Keeping a garage floor clean has never been easier. The epoxy coating keeps everything on the surface and blocks any debris from penetrating. Concrete is naturally very porous and can quickly deteriorate if not treated properly; however, epoxy garage flooring keeps those harmful substances from damaging your concrete. Sweeping your floors on a daily basis is highly encouraged to keep any debris that could damage the top coat but deep cleaning with harsh chemicals needs to be discussed with one of our professionals. Hard scrubbing and cleaning can damage the epoxy floor and is only recommended on rare occasions.
Professional Garage Floor Epoxy
Epoxy coatings are the most affordable systems that outlast any other floor you would think about installing. Between $3-$12 per square foot you are looking at a lifespan of 20 plus years from your epoxy garage. The longevity and durability of these floors outweigh already affordable costs. At Epoxy Flooring Tulsa we strive to make all our flooring solutions affordable for out customers, to see more affordable flooring options Click here