Concrete resurfacing in Tulsa, OK

No matter what your concrete flooring needs to be able to perform. While most flooring systems can last decades, there are two types of concrete, concrete that is cracked and concrete that is going to crack. This is where our concrete resurfacing systems come in. Resurfacing your concrete is the affordable alternative to pouring a new slab and is recommended for slabs with minimal damage.
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Concrete resurfacing is a super affordable and safe flooring solution for residential, commercial and industrial alike. Below are only of the few of the applications of this method but there are many more:
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Educational facilities as it is an affordable solution to damaged concrete
  • Pool decking is a common area to receive resurfacing as it an easy solution to a delicate concrete slab
  • Food industry as it is a seamless and hygienic surface so germs and spills are easy to clean
  • Manufactures and other industrial resurface concrete so it can withstand heavy machinery
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Concrete Resurfacing- The Affordable Solution

Concrete floor resurfacing isn’t just a way to freshen up your home, commercial or industrial property: it is one of the most affordable ways to keep your floor working for you. As it is time-consuming and very expensive to remove an old slab and pour a new one. which is why there are plenty of applications of resurfacing concrete before it becomes unrepairable such as:
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Ripping up your old cracked, weathered and traffic torn driveways is a very expensive process. If you are noticing stress cracks it is time to resurface your slab before it becomes unrepairable. After the resurfacing process is complete it opens up a huge window of opportunity for customization. Most traditional driveway beautification processes can still be applied on top of the resurfaced concrete allowing customization.
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Your patio is typically where most people spend their time entertaining guests. If your patio is showing signs of wear and tear, resurfacing is the best option. Patio resurfacing opens up a whole new world of customization. Overlays are formulated to be trowled directly over the material used in concrete resurfacing. With concrete resurfacing, your project will come to life much faster than repouring a concrete slab
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Most pool decks typically do not have any covering leaving them to the full force of the elements. Is your pool deck faced or showing signs of cracking? Well, our concrete resurfacing contractors are standing by pool decking beautiful again. The concrete around your pool is touching very fragile components making the removal process very risky, but with resurfacing you won’t need to worry about messing with the vitals of your pool.
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Steady traffic and effects of time can severely damage self-storerooms, truck narrows, and carports. Here at concrete resurfacing Tulsa, our specially formulated materials will increase the life of your slab as well as make it 2-3 times stronger. Thresholds are vital in a flooring system, do not allow yours become unrepairable, resurface your concrete as soon as you see signs of cracking.
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Sidewalks receive almost just as much traffic as driveways making it very common for cracks. Just like driveways, sidewalks are often treated with salt in the winter. This kind of harsh treatment is sure to decrease the strength of your sidewalk. When you resurface your sidewalk, not only will you make it more attractive you will make it 2-3 times stronger than bare concrete
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Garage floors are susceptible to harsh chemicals, gas, oils and some may use their garage every day. Well, a garage floor that doesn’t have a coating will start to deteriorate rapidly. If your garage floor has cracks, divots and gouges it is time for concrete resurfacing. Doing this will make your flooring 2-3 times stronger while also allowing for epoxy floor coatings to further increase resistance to harsh chemicals and even impact.
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If your concrete is old and showing it, that means it is not performing the way it should be. Cracks and gouges substantially decrease the strength of your concrete. With concrete resurfacing all of the cracks and divots will be repaired making your slab 2-3 times stronger.
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If your concrete has small cracks and gouges your concrete can be resurfaced. But if your concrete has structural damage or is broken, you will need a repour to replace your old concrete.


Can’t decide if concrete resurfacing in Tulsa, OK is the right choice for you? Still need a little more information? Below are a few of the most asked questions we receive from our clients. If you have a more specific question feel free to contact us today!
What is Concrete Resurfacing?
Simply put, concrete resurfacing is a process where a thin layer of cement-based material is poured and then trowled or squeezed onto an existing concrete surface. The resurfacing process brings the slab back to life and makes it much stronger than it was while damaged. The resurfacing material is like a basecoat making it so you can still apply other beautification materials on top or you can leave it the way it is.
What are the Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing?
There are plenty of benefits from resurfacing your concrete. The benefit that makes people the happiest is that it is way more affordable than tearing out an old slab and replacing it. Another benefit is the fact that it won’t take nearly as long as a repour. With resurfacing you won’t have to wait a long period for the curing time allowing you to use it sooner rather than later. Lastly, resurfacing can make your old slab last a decade, making it a very smart investment towards your future!
Concrete resurfacing is one of the most popular flooring services that we offer, for other popular services that provide similar benifits Check out the homepage