Tulsa Commercial Polished Concrete

At Glossy Floors, we understand the high demands of commercial flooring. Your floors don’t just need to look great; they also need to withstand constant wear and tear, harsh cleaners, spills, dropped objects, and maybe even cartwheels and vehicle traffic.
Concrete polishing in Tulsa is a cost-effective way to meet all of these needs without an expensive and high-maintenance floor system. We serve business owners and facility managers throughout Tulsa, Oklahoma with customized polished concrete floors.
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Perfect For All Industrials

Polished concrete floors are well-suited to a wide range of industries. Our commercial concrete polishing in Tulsa, OK serves as a slip-resistant, cost-effective, and low-maintenance floor system for:
  • Retail facilities
  • Food industry including restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • Educational facilities including schools and restrooms
  • Medical facilities such as nursing facilities, dental offices, and hospitals
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Automotive shops
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Why Choose Concrete Polishing in Tulsa?

Facility managers and business owners have many reasons for choosing polished concrete floors. Unlike many floor products, polished concrete can withstand all types of chemical exposure and even extreme wear and tear yet it’s one of the most affordable commercial floor systems available.
Here’s what makes polished concrete a great investment.
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Easy Maintenance
It doesn’t take much effort to keep polished concrete floors in Tulsa looking their best. In commercial settings, we recommend daily mopping with a neutral floor cleaner to remove grit and grime. Allow the cleaner to sit long enough to break down grease but don’t let it dry on the surface. Commercial concrete polished concrete doesn’t need to be waxed or sealed.
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Concrete polishing is one of the most affordable commercial flooring systems available because it transforms your existing concrete slab floor into a finished floor system without traditional flooring products. In addition to transforming your existing concrete, the polishing process is also permanent and can last a lifetime.
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Highly Reflective
An overlooked perk of concrete grinding and polishing? It creates an incredibly bright and reflective surface. Polished concrete in Tulsa is a smart choice for improving brightness and visibility without the need for additional lighting. It’s also great for warehouses and factories as it can reduce the risk of workplace accidents with better visibility of hazards and a skid-resistant surface.
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Permanent Flooring
Why waste your money replacing worn-out commercial floor systems every five years? Commercial polished concrete can last a lifetime and permanently transforms existing concrete floors. The polishing process is permanent and almost never needs to be repeated. Concrete grinding and polishing actually densifies the surface of your concrete to change its structure and make it better able to resist damage.
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Polished concrete floors are hard to damage. Unlike commercial carpet and other floor solutions, you don’t need to worry about moisture, spills, or flooding damaging your floor system. Polished concrete is a practical and waterproof floor system that’s a good choice for any area where moisture is a concern.
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Concrete polishing Tulsa service is an eco-friendly and sustainable floor solution that uses the material you already have in place. We don’t need to install a new floor product over your concrete; we transform the concrete itself into a finished floor system that can last a lifetime. This means reduced waste in landfills.
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Durable Flooring
One of the most important benefits of concrete polishing in Tulsa, OK is it creates an incredibly resilient surface that can last a lifetime. Concrete grinding and polishing actually densifies your concrete floors to make them stronger and less susceptible to stains, impact, and other forms of damage.
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Attractive Design
It’s a common misconception that concrete floors all look the same. The concrete grinding and polishing process in Tulsa actually makes it easy to customize the look of your floors with a huge range of design options. Stained polished concrete can be an elegant solution for a lobby with a range of possible effects. We use water- or acid-based stains to achieve mottled, earth hues or rich, vibrant colors to mimic the look of marble, leather, wood, and more. We can even create custom patterns or add your company logo to your polished concrete floor.