Epoxy Floor Coatings Tulsa

No matter where you need a new flooring system, there is a flooring solution that can benefit you in ways that you never even knew you needed. With one of our epoxy floor coatings, the possibilities are endless with benefits including:
  • Unmatched Performance/Durability
  • Resistance To Harsh Chemicals
  • Unlimited Configurations
Want to know more about our professional epoxy floor coating? We have all the information you need and more down below!
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Industries We Serve

The best part about using an epoxy floor coating is the versatility of epoxy as it can be used next to anywhere. Here are the most popular facilities that our epoxy floor coatings can be used:
  • Commercial epoxy floor coatings can be used in food/beverage processing plants and even in the medical field
  • Industrial epoxy is used in many warehouses, government building and machine shops
  • Garage floor epoxy coatings can be used in both residential and commercial garages
  • There are even exterior epoxy floor coatings like pebbled epoxy
industrial epoxy floor coating

Types Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

What makes our epoxy floor coatings one of the most used flooring systems in the entire flooring industry is the wide range of facilities and settings that they are able to benefit. Epoxy flooring can be used in residential settings all the way to the harshes industrial facilities like machine shops with no problems translating in between. If you are looking for a flooring system that can provide an increase in safety, unmatched durability, or unlimited customization you don’t need to look any further than an epoxy floor coating. Down below you will find the most popular areas that epoxy flooring systems are used today:
epoxy garage floor coating
Garage Floor Epoxy
Our garage epoxy coating is one of the most popular garage flooring systems in the world and here’s why:
  • Garage epoxy has the ability to make any garage they are placed in up to 300 percent brighter without having to buy additional lighting sources, keeping you safe while saving you money
  • Our garage epoxy coating is also very easy to maintain as it offers both superior chemical and stain resistance
  • While on the topic of maintenance, you can use your garden hose to wash down your epoxy floor coating
commercial epoxy floor coating
Commercial Epoxy
The commercial epoxy floor coating is one of the commercial industries most trusted flooring systems and here’s why:
  • Our commercial epoxy floor coating is one of the few flooring systems that have been approved by the USDA for use in sensitive facilities such as food/beverage processing plants all the way into the medical industry
  • Along with being extremely hygienic, commercial epoxy is able to resist damage from daily wear and tear like scratches and abrasions
  • The seamless surface of commercial epoxy floor coating makes maintenance a breeze!
industrial grade epoxy floor coating
Industrial Epoxy
Heres why industrial epoxy floor coatings are one of the most trusted flooring systems for any industrial facility:
  • Industrial epoxy floor coatings offer a staggering weight tolerance around 25,000 PSI and when you compare that to standard concrete floorings 3,500 PSI tolerance, you can see why industrial facilities like warehouses use industrial epoxy
  • To customize your industrial epoxy floor coating, we offer the use of stencils to create texts, walkways, vehicle paths, and arrows to make the industrial facility safer and more efficient in most cases.
epoxy coating
Residential Epoxy
Epoxy floor coatings are becoming one of the most common flooring systems in the residential setting, and we aren’t just talking about garages:
  • With one of our professional epoxy floor coatings, your home will be protected against all forms of basic wear and tear such as scratches, abrasions, and heavy traffic
  • Homes with our professional epoxy coatings have shown an increase of thousands of dollars in value
  • The long lifespan of epoxy flooring also makes its lifecycle costs comparable to concrete flooring; extremely affordable!
metallic epoxy floor coating
Metallic Epoxy
The metallic epoxy floor coating is easily the most exotic flooring option on the market and here’s why:
  • Metallic epoxy can be used to create finishes previously unheard of in flooring such as a sky full of clouds, foaming waves leaving the shore and even a blazing fire to provide modern and elegant finishes
  • Many people tend to assume that metallic epoxy is fragile but this isn’t the case at all as it uses the same 100 percent solid epoxy base as an industrial grade epoxy floor coating
concrete epoxy coatings
Flaked Epoxy
Flaked epoxy floor coating is not only the most popular garage floor coating but also one of the most used systems in commercial and industrial facilities as well and here’s why:
  • Flaked epoxy is able to make your facility safer by giving your epoxy coating texture, hence making it safe to walk on when it becomes exposed to moisture of heavily soiled.
  • Thanks to the endless arrangements provided from flakes, no two flaked epoxy floor coatings will ever be completely the same, not even when installed by the same contractor
epoxy floor coating contractors
Epoxy Coating Contractors
Tired of being fooled by other flooring contractors into a flooring you didn’t want or even need? Here is our promise to you:
  • We promise to only use the highest grade materials available to us no matter how big or how small your project is
  • We want to provide your flooring system to you as fast as possible but unlike other contractors in Tulsa, we will never cut corners or skip steps to save time
  • Whether you are a new or returning client, we will offer you a free, no obligation quote!
epoxy floor coating companies
Unlimited Customization

Here is what we offer to all of our clients in Tulsa to completely turn their epoxy coating into a one of a kind flooring system crafted straight from your imagination:

  • We offer you the ability to choose a base color from our endless selection, use multi-colored or single colored flakes, and even the ability to have your companies logo fitted into your epoxy or your favorite companies logo in your garage or man cave
  • The best part about customizing your epoxy coating, no other flooring will be exactly like yours!