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Garage epoxy flooring is easier, longer-lasting, and much more efficient than any other flooring system available. As one of the most affordable and knowledgeable epoxy flooring installers in the Tulsa area, we serve our clients with the best materials available but at the lowest prices, you’ll find.
Our garages are susceptible to many different types of wear and tear including weather and vehicle-caused abrasions. Some of our garages double as gyms or offices and you need them to withstand everything that could damage them. Not only are these floors durable and resistant but they are beautiful so if you’re looking for a new look for your garage including color, design, and style, we are here to help. Give us a call today for a free quote.
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Installation Process

When one of our epoxy flooring installers comes out to inspect the project site a few things are going to be checked, measured, cleaned, and possibly fixed. We pride ourselves in servicing our clients with experienced and licensed professionals who take their careers very seriously. If you have any questions please give us a call, but in the meantime, below we have listed in general order how our installations are handled:
  • A technician will come out and inspect the project site.
  • Measurements and inspection will tell the technician how much manual labor is required before installing your epoxy flooring.
  • Cracks, sunken spots, peeling, stains, chemical damage, and abrasions will need to address and fixed if possible.
  • Epoxy floor coating will be lain on your garage floor to begin the curing process.
  • If there are designs or colors, you are specifically in the market for please advise our technicians from the beginning.
Garage Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Installers

In any garage, epoxy flooring helps strengthen and lighten the mood of the area with its incredible qualities. Epoxy flooring is developed when the resin and a hardener chemically react and cure to your concrete when set. When professionally installed, epoxy floors for your garage will last for decades resisting wear and tear most commonly seen in garage areas.
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Extreme Strength & Durability
In a garage, having a flooring system that can resist heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles, or a combination of all three is vital for the long-term success of your flooring. With garage epoxy flooring systems, you get just that and more. The epoxy coating allows your concrete to withstand impacts, oil and chemical stains, cracks, peeling, and abrasions.
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Moisture and Bacteria
Garages that have epoxy flooring professionally installed last for decades for other reasons, not just its strength, but its ability to resist water damage. Concrete is a naturally porous substance, that without an epoxy floor coating, would grow bacteria and mold, damaging your concrete flooring and costing a lot of money to replace. The coating doesn’t allow any substance to penetrate through the concretes floors, thus, minimizing the number of ways your flooring system can be damaged.
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Most people do not realize that your garage doesn’t have to be bland and boring. When choosing a technician to make sure to ask about the decorative options like metallic epoxy flooring. These floors offer 3D illusions into the unique designs created by our technicians. Colors and styles are all choices an epoxy floor can offer you. These floors also finish with a glass-like shine that produces a beautiful reflection.
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Resurfacing Options
Instead of ripping out old concrete because of the way it looks or the things it is lacking, resurfacing allows you to keep that old concrete, and restore back to its original health. Commercial and industrial areas can truly benefit from this option because of how quickly the installation will be done. Resurfacing keeps your business able to continue production and won’t impact your revenue.
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When garage floors become wet from either melted snow or spillage of a substance, they tend to become slippery, but with an epoxy garage flooring system, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to ensure that your floors are installed with slip-resistant qualities. Furthermore, when the epoxy coating has cured with your concrete it produces a shine that increases visibility in any garage that it is installed in. The reflection from the lights on the flooring produces a fantastic brightness to the entire area.
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Your floors will never be and have never been easier to clean and maintain. With an epoxy flooring system, you don’t need to scrub or deep clean your floors to ensure it is clean daily. Simple mopping and sweeping can remove annoying stains harmful debris, or chemical spills that would otherwise sit on your concretes surface.
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Machinery & Vehicles
Garage epoxy flooring allows you to save money in more ways than one. With the seamless, smooth, and glass-like finish, an epoxy floor reduces the amount of wear and tear on machinery and vehicles in the garage space. By reducing the number of times you will need to replace tires and machinery you begin saving hundreds of dollars. These perks are simply not offered by other flooring options.
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Our Installers
Our team of licensed professionals loves to install floors that will last and floors that will save you money. Other garage epoxy flooring companies will charge you wallet-draining prices for material and labor we will charge less for. We want you to love what we install and how you paid for it. When you’re ready to discuss further your flooring needs and options, give us a call.