Tulsa Concrete Polishing Flooring
Concrete polishing is one of the most affordable, one of the quickest, and one of the most attractive flooring options you can choose. Polished concrete offers many benefits that other flooring options simply cannot compete against.
As a home and business owner, you should hold high standards for your flooring installation. A concrete polished floor is the only flooring option that will exceed even the highest of those standards. For a beautifully installed floor and an extremely knowledgeable team, give us a call today!
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Industries Who Use Polished Concrete
The great thing about polished concrete is that it can be installed in a number of different areas for specific uses. These floors offer so many incredible benefits that they do not have to be contained to one limited area of usage.
  • Warehouses that are used as storage units or packing plants use polished concrete varieties.
  • Hotels use these floors in lobbies or conference rooms.
  • Public restrooms install concrete polished floors.
  • Medical facilities like offices, clinics, doctors’ offices, and more.
  • Garages, whether they are residential or commercial.
  • Retail centers and shops.
  • Basements in all types of areas and climates.
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Concrete Polished Flooring: What Are the Benefits?
Whether it be residential polished concrete, commercial polished concrete, or industrial polished concrete, we have it all for you. We are a team of licensed and experienced professionals and we pride ourselves on quality results. Our installers have decades of combined experience with polishing concrete floors and we know how important it is to have a strong, durable, and affordable floor is for you. Below are the many benefits of a newly polished concrete floor:
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A floor that is low in price but high in materials is a floor worth investing in. Traditional floors cost sky high prices but come up short in durability and longevity. A polished concrete floor is installed to last whereas other flooring systems simply do not have the capability to withstand the test of time without repairs and replacements that ultimately require more of your budget. Commercial polished concrete offers a business owner lower maintenance costs and a surface that is worth the investment.
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Resistant/ Durability
If you thought your concrete floor was strong and durable then you’re going to love a polished concrete floor. Concrete alone is a very porous surface and cannot hold up against water, chemicals, oils, or other liquids that would penetrate its surface. On the other hand, polished concrete protects your floors, isolating any spills, allowing you to quickly wipe or mop up any substance. Polished concrete floors are also strong enough to withstand high foot-traffic that would naturally destroy other types of flooring.
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Stained polished concrete mimic other flooring types, like marble or tile, but the maintenance for these concrete floors would be much less than the real thing. Grinding and polishing concrete brings out the concrete’s natural beauty and can turn any dull looking space into a bright and inviting area. The glass-like finish a polished concrete floor has is unlike any other type of flooring and is impossible to mimic.
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Concrete polished floors are incredible shiny; therefore, they look like they would be rather slippery, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, polished concrete floors have slip-resistant qualities that outdo even the most popular flooring systems. The high-gloss finish has also allowed them to increase visibility in large warehouses, factories, and garages. The brightness that a polished concrete floor provides keeps employees and clients alike aware of their surroundings and decreases the likelihood of accidents.
Nowadays, people can be allergic to things we never even think twice about, luckily, a polished concrete floor helps reduce the number of times someone has a reaction in your home or business. Polished floors isolate all spills and debris on the surface making them easy targets to be wiped or mopped away. Your new concrete floor is also water-resistant, meaning, your floors cannot become breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth due to water or moisture.
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For wood, granite, marble, or tile there are many different types of treatments, repairs, and replacements that have to be made either routinely or on a yearly basis. Not only do these requirements cost you unnecessary money, but they also cost you your time. But with polished concrete floors you will never have to spend more time than is necessary on your floors. Simple daily sweeps are important to ensure harmful debris are kept away and infrequent inspection of your floors is always encouraged to ensure any potential issues are caught early. If you have questions about your polished concrete floors’ maintenance, give us a call.
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For a green building or home footprint, you need concrete polished floors. Why? Because instead of ripping out your floors and completely installing new ones you are elongating your floors’ life by simply grinding and polishing it. This requires less materials and produces less waste. Concrete polishing also doesn’t require hazardous chemicals that would otherwise hurt the ecosystem. Check out our home page to find more flooring options that are eco-friendly and cost effective.