Tulsa, Oklahoma Pool Deck Resurfacing

With over 30-years of experience working with concrete, our team at Glossy Floors is more than qualified to just resurface your concrete pool deck, we are also here to inform you throughout the entire process so you can have an active hand in the entire resurfacing process.
We offer a warranty, experience, and licensed professionals who take pride in 100% customer satisfaction.
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Types of Pool Deck Materials

When you choose to resurface your concrete pool deck you have the luxury of deciding on new designs, colors, textures, and overall materials. We offer distinct concrete materials because they each serve a purpose and have unique looks.
  • Stamped concrete pool decks offer surfaces that can mimic wood, tile, or stone pool decks while offering the longevity and durability of concrete.
  • Kool Deck coating creates a very natural style pool deck that cannot be replicated by other pool deck materials.
  • Stained concrete pool decks are extremely durable and will not peel, fade, or wither under pool water and sun exposure.
  • Pool deck pavers are great installations that offer pool owners an easily maintained and easily repaired pool deck that can be designed with different colors, shapes, and sizes.
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Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool decks can add or detract from the overall beauty of your backyard landscape, so never let yourself trust just anyone with your pool deck. With professional pool deck resurfacing, you can have a safe, long-lasting, and beautiful concrete pool deck.
concrete pool deck
Many of us do not realize how frustrating a slippery or extreme hot surface can be for children and elderly individuals. Old concrete that is unprotected and has rough spots becomes unenjoyable for you and others. Resurfaced pool decks offer:
  • Slip-resistance
  • Heat-resistance
  • Smooth surface
  • Seamlessness
pool deck resurfacing cost
Ripping out an entire pool deck and replacing it with a new concrete slab plus design will start, on the low-end, around $3,000; however, when you resurface a pool deck you start around $3-$8 per square foot depending on the complexity of your work. More ways that resurfacing concrete saves you money is:
  • Low-maintenance so less money on cleaning costs
  • There is less manual labor
  • Fewer materials in resurfacing so it is a very eco-friendly decision
  • Long lifespan, meaning, you will not be subjected to constant replacements
  • Increase of about 15% in property value, returning more than you invested
resurface pool deck
Resurfacing a pool deck has money perks, including having to pay less attention to the surface and its well-being. A pool deck that has been resurfaced and is professionally sealed will last decades-long without extra waxes or special treatments.
  • Less maintenance means less money
  • Spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning the deck
  • Sun exposure, climate, and sediment will no longer discolor your pool deck
concrete pool deck resurfacing
We don’t realize how exposed our pool decks are until they start to show signs of wear and tear. When you resurface your pool deck you can rest assured that common ailments that would normally ruin a pool deck surface will not be an issue any longer. Your new and improved pool deck will be resistant to:
  • Abrasions
  • Weather erosion
  • Sediment
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Weeds growing in between cracks
  • Discoloration due to natural element
cool pool deck coating
Pool deck concrete resurfacing is truly a commendable choice because of so many reasons but one important one being that it doesn’t have to be expensive! Resurfacing concrete gives your old slab a longer lifespan by repairing any minor blemishes that may have been noticeable
  • Extend your old slabs lifespan
  • Get the most use from all of the materials
  • Resurfacing seals off any damages that could worsen
  • With damage-resistant properties, concrete pool decks last decades
cool deck for pools
Property Value
Increasing property value and curb appeal is something that most homeowners will be concerned with at some point throughout their life. Concrete pool deck resurfacing ensures that you receive more in response than what you originally paid for your deck.
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Better first impression on guests and neighbors
  • Increase the appearance of the overall landscape
  • 15% more money on resale value
concrete overlay around pool
Overlays are great
When a concrete surface is professionally resurfaced you have a deck that is not only striking in appearance but striking in durability. Professionals have techniques that can turn your plain and withering slab into a utilitarian surface with a look that would shock anyone who you told was concrete. Overlays can:
  • Mimic stone, brick, pavers, tile, and other materials
  • Stamping and staining are affordable and fast
  • Hides away any unwanted blemishes
concrete pool deck repair
Installation is short & sweet
Don’t let the idea of ripping out your entire concrete slab be sold to you with the promise of a quick and painless installation. Taking something out and putting something new it takes time and effort that is unnecessary when resurfacing is cheaper, quicker, and achieves the same goal.
  • Less manual labor means less spending
  • The quick installation allows for less intrusion
  • Enjoy your pool quicker