Rustic Wood Flooring Tulsa

Do you love hardwood flooring but don’t love all the harsh maintenance that comes with it? Wish there was a way you could make hardwood more durable or use it on your driveway? Well, it may seem as if your wish has come true with our wood stamped concrete! Wood stamped concrete can:
  • Provide Carefree Maintenance
  • Be Used Anywhere
  • Highly Customizable
Heres all you need to know about our rustic wood flooring in Tulsa:
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Where Rustic Wood Flooring Can Be Used

The best part about making the switch to a rustic wood flooring is the versatility that you would never receive from a hardwood flooring system. Heres how you can use rustic wood flooring:
  • Light duty commercial facilities such as specialty stores and restaurants
  • Driveways are an excellent place to use rustic wood flooring
  • Garages can also benefit from our wood stamped concrete
  • Rustic wood flooring can even be used in living areas as an alternative to hardwood
Rustic Wood Flooring Tulsa

Benefits Of Using Rustic Wood Flooring

If you love the look that a traditional hardwood flooring provides but are not in love with the fragility or the harsh maintenance of the hardwood flooring system, you are going to love our wood stamped concrete flooring system. We are able to provide you with high-quality rustic wood flooring by only using the highest grade overlays to craft your flooring system. Why do we use only the highest quality materials on the market? Well only to provide the best benefits of course! Down below you are going to find all the benefits you stand to gain from using our rustic wood flooring over hardwood flooring:
Wood Stamped Concrete Tulsa
Simple Maintenance
Maintenance of rustic wood flooring is what makes so many of our clients make the switch so here’s what to expect:
  • Unlike typical wood flooring, rustic wood flooring doesn’t need to be refurbished, stained and sanded every five years to reach its maximum lifespan
  • All you need to do to maintain your wood stamped concrete is simply use a broom and standard wet mop to get the job done.
  • The only major maintenance of rustic wood flooring comes ever 5-7 years when it needs to be resealed
Concrete Wood Floor
Improved Durability
Rustic wood flooring also offers superior durability compared to its hardwood counterpart so here’s what you stand to gain what hardwood cant provide:
  • Stamped wood flooring is able to resist damage in the forms of heavy vehicle and foot traffic, a range of dropped objects and even medium duty workplaces
  • Concrete slabs equipped with one of our rustic wood flooring systems have been tested and proven to make the concrete slab 2-3 times stronger
  • Wood stamped concretes are even able to deflect water damage with our sealers
Wood Floor- poxy
Chemical Resistance
Our stamped wood concretes are able to provide your home or business facility with amazing chemical resistance and here’s how this can benefit you:
  • With one of our high-grade sealers, your rustic wood floor will be able to defend against most forms of even abrasive chemicals with different sealers available to defend against specific chemicals
  • Along with avoiding damage from chemicals, our wood flooring can isolate the chemical on its surface for easy cleanup and disposal
  • By isolating the chemicals our rustic wood floor is an eco-friendly flooring system
Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood
Life Like Flooring
Heres how we ensure that even you will have a hard time telling your rustic wood flooring apart from real hardwood:
  • To make sure your wood stamped concrete looks as lifelike as possible, all the stamps we use on our overlays are molded by using real planks of wood to achieve realistic grains and patterns
  • Just like real wood flooring, we offer dozens of different grains, sizes, and textures of wood flooring so you won’t miss your traditional wood flooring system at all!
Concrete That Looks Like Wood
Not only are our rustic wood floors extremely durable, attractive and versatile, they are also one of the longest lasting flooring systems on the market. When you have your rustic floor professionally installed and you properly maintain the flooring system, you can expect your wood stamped concrete to last at least 25 years in any setting or under and conditions. When you take the lifespan into account you will also find that rustic wood floorings lifecycle costs are more affordable than even traditional concrete flooring!
Concrete Wood
Increased Safety
Heres how using a rustic wood flooring can make any setting it is placed in much safer:
  • That natural texture of our micro topping overlay that we stamp, your concrete flooring system is going to provide amazing traction, but if that isn’t enough, we offer a silica sand additive for our sealers to give the concrete more texture for safe treading when wet or soiled
  • The sealers used to protect the stamped concrete overlay reflect light so well, that they can make even the gloomiest area 300 percent brighter
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Rustic wood floors are perfect for the process of pool deck resurfacing and here’s why:
  • Rustic wood floor coatings are highly resistant to all forms of harsh chemicals found and used in the pool where standard hardwood would be ruined in one day
  • The texture of stamped wood concrete offers superior slip and skid resistance so you can kiss pool related slips and falls goodbye!
  • For far too long people assumed that wood pool decks are only for a high-end home, now you can have one that outperforms standard wood
Stamped Concrete Wood Look
Stamped Concrete Contractors
Tired of being fooled by other flooring contractors into a flooring you didn’t want or even need? Here is our promise to you:
  • We promise to only use the highest grade materials available to us no matter how big or how small your project is
  • We want to provide your flooring system to you as fast as possible but unlike other contractors in Tulsa, we will never cut corners or skip steps to save time
  • No matter if you are a new or returning client, we will always provide you with a free quote!