Decorative Concrete Resurfacing:

Rethink Your Boring Concrete

Don’t make the assumption that concrete has been going out of style; you’re probably seeing concrete more often than you think, you just don’t know it thanks to a range of decorative concrete options that make it look like a high-end material. When most think of concrete, they tend to think of boring gray slabs without much to offer. Thanks to concrete resurfacing and all the decorative possibilities it entails, not only are these boring concrete slabs a thing of the past, but also too is the cost associated with concrete replacement and the time it takes to be replaced.

Let’s explore some of the possibilities made available with the help of decorative concrete resurfacing.

What Is Decorative Concrete Resurfacing?
Whereas you may have thought to dig up and completely replace your existing concrete with something prettier, this is not at all necessary. The concrete resurfacing procedure involves merely removing a top layer of concrete from your existing concrete slab, allowing for a new layer to be poured on top. When done, any number of patterns and designs can be applied, from styles brushed or trowled in, to overlays imitating anything from brick and stone to wood. No matter what you can dream up for your newly resurfaced concrete floor, it can be achieved with the help of concrete resurfacing.
Ways to Benefit from Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
First and foremost, concrete resurfacing can be used almost anywhere and in any way you want: it’s incredibly versatile. Here are some of the most common areas that can benefit from concrete resurfacing.
  • Driveways: If your driveway is otherwise fine and in good condition and you just want to spruce it up a bit and give it some fresh life, concrete resurfacing is the way to go. There’s no way you won’t end up with a great product you can love and be proud of for years to come. Your concrete driveway can be made to look like new again, colors can be added with stains, or you can finally get the look of a cobblestone or brick driveway at a fraction of the cost.
  • Patios: Over time, like with most things, our patios can lose their appeal and become dull and boring. Concrete resurfacing with a cement overlay and all the colors and patterns you can think of can help bring a whole new lease of life to your worn out old patio, not to mention enhance its strength and durability.
  • Pool decks: It goes without saying that pool decks get wet, and with that comes the risk of injuries resulting from slips and trips. When having the concrete of your pool deck resurfaced, special coatings can be applied to minimize the opportunities for slips and falls, while still giving it a fantastic and fresh new look.
  • Interior floors: Another great way of transforming your existing boring old slabs into something more lively and decorative is with the application of stamped flooring. Stamped flooring can be fully customized in any way you desire, including an infinite range of colors, patterns, and designs. Be sure, however, to employ the use of an expert to assist you in achieving the great results you’re looking to accomplish. With a stamped concrete floor, you can even get the look of wood without the upkeep!