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Increase Your Homes

Value With Rustic Charm

Are you looking into the different types of traditional hardwood flooring? Well, if you are doing your research, you will find that the disadvantages of using traditional wood flooring drastically outweigh the advantages of the flooring system. So, how can you get the timeless and elegant look of wood without having to deal with the disadvantages of traditional wood flooring? Well, we have found a way! With a rustic wood flooring system, you can have the look of wood that you know and love. We don’t mean using old wood flooring, we are talking about wood stamped concrete coating systems! Our goal today is to tell you all about this coating and what it can do for you and your home. So, let’s get started, shall we?
What Is Rustic Wood Flooring?
In short, rustic wood flooring is a concrete based flooring system that is stamped into realistic patterns of woods so you can have wood anywhere you want! We know that the name of rustic wood flooring is a misleading name but the only similarities that rustic wood shares with traditional wood is its appearance. To create the wood stamped concrete, a moldable concrete micro-topping is used and molded using rubber stamps that are made from real wood planks to ensure that the stamps look as realistic as possible. While there are amazing benefits that you stand to gain from using wood-concrete, there are also disadvantages and you can find a few examples of the good and bad down below:
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors with minimal maintenance
  • Offers a finish resistant to both physical and chemical damage
  • Can be rapidly installed in a timeframe of 2-5 days
  • Will not feel the same on bare feet
  • Concrete is a material that is prone to cracking over time
  • Some finishes may be easily told apart from real wood
Rustic Wood Flooring Vs Traditional Hardwood
Now that we are clear on what rustic wood flooring is, let’s take a look at how well concrete coating is able to compare to its traditional hardwood flooring counterpart. The only way to figure out if this coating is a step up from hardwood or something you have to settle for, we are going to be bringing out the best and worst of both flooring systems. With that being said, we think that wood stamped concrete is a major advancement in the flooring industry and that hardwood shows its weakness against its superior competitor. But down below, we have outlined the competition so you can find out for yourself:
Wood Concrete
  • Concrete coatings are resistant to all forms of water damage
  • Can be used outdoors without having to coat it with hundred dollar chemicals
  • Has the ability to last anywhere from 20-30 years with proper maintenance
Traditional Hardwood
  • Will warp when exposed to moisture
  • Require hundreds of dollars of chemicals to be used outdoors
  • Requires harsh maintenance to last 10-15 years
Investing In Your Home With Wood Stamped Concrete
When it comes to the benefits of using wood stamped concrete in your home, you will find that one of the biggest benefits that they bring to the table is the amazing investment opportunity that they present. Concrete offers a much more comforting finish than traditional wood and down below, you can find out all of the investment opportunities that it presents as well of some of the downsides of using rustic wood flooring:
  • Homeowners have reported a 2-5% increase in the value of their home
  • Can help your underlying concrete last decades longer
  • Will make your home a more attractive listing on the market
  • Not everyone will love how rustic wood flooring feels
  • Again, concrete is prone to stress cracking over time
  • Some homeowners will find waxing and sealing too tedious
Environmentally Friendly
One of the biggest benefits of using a rustic wood flooring system doesn’t affect the physical capabilities of the flooring but rather your mental wellbeing. By using rustic wood flooring, you are saving trees by cutting the wood out of your home. Studies have shown that over 10,000 trees are cut down a year to supply wood flooring systems for homes. With a wood stamped concrete, you can decrease that number down, even though minuscule, any decrease in deforestation is a win in everyone’s books! Concrete is also a natural material, so once your floor is ready for decommission, it won’t sit in a landfill for decades before it decomposes.
Now that you know everything that rustic wood flooring has to offer, the final choice is up to you. While we believe that a wood stamped concrete flooring system is the right move into the future but you may feel otherwise. All we know is that no matter what path you decide to take, we wish you well and with good luck on all of your home improvement projects to come!