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Concrete With Customization

traditional flooring systems
Are you looking for your next flooring system for your home but feel a bit underwhelmed by all of the traditional flooring systems on the market? Well, maybe you haven’t been looking for the right material. Tile, hardwood, and carpet have reached their peak and we haven’t seen any innovation with these flooring systems in at least the past decade. A flooring system that has been seeing innovation in the past decade, however, is concrete. We know what comes to mind when you hear concrete, bland, gray and dusty concrete that you find on your driveway or sidewalk. But, concrete has come a long way in the past years and offers variations that look better than even the most expensive traditional flooring systems at a more budget-friendly pricing point. Ready to learn how concrete can increase your home’s appeal? We have all you need to know about the most popular decorative concrete flooring systems down below:
Epoxy Terrazzo
One of the newest forms of epoxy flooring is the epoxy terrazzo flooring system which has completely replaced the concrete based terrazzo system. The epoxy terrazzo flooring system has taken the wheel from concrete as it is much more efficient than the former concrete base and offers much more configurations than the concrete version ever has. Along with all of the benefits of using an epoxy-based flooring system, there are some disadvantages as well, all of which you can find down below:
  • Offers superior durability with resistance to physical and chemical damage
  • Can be customized with additives such as glass chips, marble chips, and granite chips
  • Professionally installed epoxy terrazzo can last upwards of 20-30 years
  • Offers a maintenance procedure that is so simplistic, many have called it carefree
  • Has a tendency to become unsafe to walk on when wet or soiled
  • Compared to other types of epoxy, it is more prone to cracking with age
  • Not all epoxy terrazzo finishes are attractive to everyone
  • Is one of the few floorings that require professional installation to be viable
Acid Stained Concrete
Acid Stained Concrete
Are you looking for a finish incomparable to other flooring systems that don’t require a concrete based topping to achieve a marbled or burnished appearance? Well, it sounds like you need to know a little about stained concrete. Stained concrete offers 2 popular variants, the water-based system, and acid-based system. For more solid and dense coloring, you should use an acid-based material, but for a finish that resembles more of a watercolor-like finish, you guessed it, use a water-based stain. But since stains exude a toxic scent when applied, it is recommended to use professional assistance when applying a stain.
Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete
If we take a look back only a few years, we would see that polished concrete was only used in commercial and industrial facilities, but when we look at today’s market, polished concrete is one of the best flooring systems to use in residential interior design. Polished concrete is one of the few floor coatings that don’t add to the flooring with coatings, but rather grinds away the layers of concrete until the wanted finish is obtained, keeping costs way down. But there is more than meets the eye with polished concrete and down below, you will find the pros and cons of this flooring system:
  • An increase in visibility thanks to its superior light reflection
  • The ability to last your home a lifetime when professionally done
  • Customization with saw cuts, pigments, and aggregates
  • Doesn’t do well when it comes to retaining heat, making it cold
  • No matter how you use concrete, it will always be prone to cracks
  • Unless texture is applied, can be very slippery when wet or soiled
Stamped Concrete Overlays
Stamped Concrete Overlays
Not all homeowners are going for the ultra-modern and minimalistic aesthetic in their homes and we know that, so we are adding a more rugged and natural coating in our list as well! With stamped concrete, you have the ability to mimic everything and anything ranging from natural materials like slate to man-made flooring like wood flooring! While this flooring system may be the answer for some homeowners, it may be less than desirable for some due to the pros and cons. Down below, you will find the pros and cons of using stamped concrete:
  • Provides an easy to clean and simplistic maintenance regiment
  • Finishes include natural stone, wood, and even intricate paver patterns
  • The scratch and abrasion-resistant finish is perfect for homes with pets or children
  • All concrete is prone to cracking with age and heavy traffic
  • Stamped concrete is easily decipherable from natural materials
  • The ultra-hard finish may be uncomfortable to walk on without shoes
Now that you know how to customize the various types of concrete flooring systems, wouldn’t you agree that it is one of the most customizable flooring systems on the market? While some of these coatings sound easy to do yourself, it is recommended that you use a trained contractor for most of these coatings. It doesn’t matter what path you decide to take, we wish you the best of luck on all of your home improvements to come!